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The Expertise Needed to Complete Any Job

Ritchie’s Welding Inc. has established a reputation for providing quality welding, design and fabrication services for projects throughout Ottawa and surrounding areas of Ontario.

Take a look at the photos on this page to view scenes from some of the projects we have completed in the Ottawa area and then contact us to discuss your own needs.

Bayshore Pedestrian Bridge

Ritchie’s Welding Inc. fabricated and painted this 14’ wide, 13’ tall and 70’ long bridge.

Installation of the Bridge

The bridge was flawlessly designed and installed with ease in less than a day. It stands tall, connecting bus terminals with the Bayshore Shopping Centre (100 Bayshore Drive, Ottawa, ON, K2B 8C1).

Langevin Gates

These beautiful gates can be seen in downtown Ottawa at the intersection of Metcalfe and Wellington. They were custom fabricated for the Prime Minister’s Office.


We provide design, fabrication and installation of any miscellaneous steel, including railings, stairs and gates (powered and non-powered), ladders and much more.

More Projects

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Ritchie’s Welding Inc. provides free online quotes to help you plan your next project.

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